Meet Some Other Artisans

Here you'll find a sampling of products from just some of our Artisans. Stop on by to see what else these Artisans have to offer and find more exceptional products from other Artisans not seen here.

Meet Laurie

Creator of Mystic Fiber

Working with nature is the basis for Laurie's artwork. She uses Merino wool and silk to make her felt. Silk is a wonderful fabric to work with. Most of the leaves come from her own property. The scarfs are fun to make and she loves designing them. She mixes her own dye colors and each item is a one-of-a-kind project. She’s been creating silk items for over five years. She’s been felting and working with wool for over 30 years; doing the felting and dyeing fills her soul with peace.

Laurie belongs to the 510 Art Lab in Sauk Center. She enjoyed learning to do fuse glass and pottery. She made buckles to go with her scarves using fused glass. Her silk work is still her favorite artwork.

You can find Laurie on her website

Meet Kara & Sarah

Creators of Aline Squared

Aline Squared is a queer, women owned business from St. Paul, MN, but our roots are in the St. Cloud area. We started making candles as a hobby to keep us off our phones in the evening. Our mission is to embrace the motto “reduce, reuse, recycle.”

Kara and Sarah use the waste from their candle-making process to make fire-starters for bonfires. They upcycle and thrift the candle containers; they use 100% soy wax from the US and eco-friendly wicks (without lead and zinc); they use a local MN candle supply company to reduce their carbon emissions. They’re continually looking at new and different ways to be eco-friendly in their business and in their lives.

You can find Kara & Sarah Gaida on Instagram @alinesquared

Meet Angie

Creator of Swamp Rabbit Rustics

Angie is very passionate about finding new ways to use items that would otherwise be thrown out or stuffed in an attic. Taking average items and turning them into beautiful works of art is her therapy, and it really speaks to her sentimental nature.

She loves beautiful things, but she doesn’t enjoy clutter. She wanted to display sentimental items in a unique way, so she started thinking of ways to blend and combine pieces to make larger pieces of art. Now she can’t stop.

Angie tries to be a very thoughtful gift-giver so she started making personalized gifts for family and friends. She’s also a garage sale junkie and needed to find ways to use the treasures she was finding.

In her work, there is a lot of trial and error. She fails way more than she succeeds, but it pushes her to be a better artist and craftsman. She falls in love with most every piece she creates, and it makes her feel very accomplished when others enjoy her work as well.

She wants to challenge people to view things differently. Everyday items can be transformed into masterpieces with a little creativity and the desire to try something different. Instead of throwing things away, or letting family heirlooms sit in a box, bring them to her!

There is beautiful, majestic potential in the things all around us. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Be bold!

You can find Angie Paulson on Facebook @swamprabbitrustics

Meet Audrey

Creator of The Odd Stitcher

Audrey started hand embroidery during covid as a way to stay busy and keep her hands moving. Although she enjoyed stitching other people’s patterns, she soon started designing her own. By designing her own patterns, she was able to stitch things she enjoyed, like cartoons.

Audrey’s embroidery is meant to bring a fun and modern twist to a very old art form. Hand embroidery is traditionally used on clothing, but Audrey’s creations can be displayed in the hoop or placed in a frame for display.

Most of the inspiration for pieces comes from things that bring joy or a smile to someone’s face. Embroidery has such a long and traditional history as an art form almost exclusively done by women, and Audrey’s art is meant to bring a little fun and a little sass to embroidery.

You can find Audrey Thorstad on Instagram @theoddstitcher

Meet Roger

Roger Dullinger is a self-taught fine artist working primarily in oil. He has been painting in his spare time for over 40 years, but with a full-time marketing career, he had limited time to paint. Roger retired from his marketing career in 2023 to focus on art full-time and has since created a large body of new artwork.

Born and raised on a small farm in Minnesota, his childhood has a large influence on Roger's subject matter. He is drawn to country landscapes with barns, animals, flowers, and old time farming equipment and practices. He is also inspired by mountain landscapes, having traveled extensively to capture photos. Roger is an avid photographer and often uses his photographs to create digital art composites and paintings which are used as reference for his paintings.

Having always been drawn to art, Roger started painting as a child, and he quickly realized that it was his passion. He taught himself how to paint by studying the works of other artists and by experimenting with different techniques.

He enjoys sharing his art with others and hopes his paintings will connect with those who see them and bring inspiration and joy.

You can find Roger Dullinger on Facebook @rogerdullinger, Instagram @rldullinger and on his website

Meet Kris

Creator of Cherish Designs

Kris has always found joy in creating. Her mom loved crafty projects, and she inspired her to create fun artful projects as a kid and teen. As she grew older, she continued creating and finding balance and joy in the ability to create and to touch others with her work.

In her early 20s she would alter most of her jewelry. She has been creating most of her life, but she has been making jewelry in some form for more than 20 years.

Kris says, “One of the greatest gifts of being an artist is the gift of empowerment. Often my art will focus on a message or word that is meaningful and may draw feelings of empowerment or emotion. I love being creative with mixed metals and unique elements to touch others. I am inspired by my past and believe in the importance of encouraging and inspiring others.”

Kris makes inspirational unique jewelry combining mixed metals and happy messages or words. She also blends wire with unique elements. She has recently added permanent jewelry (clasp-less, welded precious metal) experiences to her offerings and books pop ups or in studio appointments.

You can find Kris Binsfeld on Facebook @cherishdesignsbykrislanae, Instagram and TikTok @krislanae and on her website

Meet Eugene

Creator of Custom Cut Sawyer & Signs

Eugene has always been creative, but on a more practical level being a software engineer for the last 45 years. He created programs from only an idea. Eugene and his wife received a live edge wood sign as a wedding gift 42 years ago; that sign has been in their kitchen ever since. As he approached retirement, he wanted to continue to create things and used the sign as an inspiration. He purchased a portable band saw sawmill to create wood pieces that could not be found at a store. He discovered that God makes the beauty in the wood and he only makes it visible by cutting it open. After milling logs for about a year Eugene found a CNC machine that would allow him to make unique signs like the one received as a wedding gift. It is about a year long process from milling the log, drying it, and making it into a sign. His goal is to make unique pieces that can't be found anywhere else and customize them for his customers. You will see examples here at Homestead Artisans of some of his favorite signs. Please note that they can be customized just for you so they are truly one of a kind.

Meet Jessi

Creator of The Druzy Daisy

Jessi decided to start making custom bracelets because the ones available commercially didn’t fit her wrists. She has loved crystals (geologically & metaphysically) for a long time and thought there must be others like her out there.

As Jessi started experimenting with different beads, spacers, and charms, she realized how much she enjoyed creating different looks. She got lots of positive feedback from friends and family, so she decided to try her hand at starting a small business.

Whether her customers are looking for crystals for meditation, specific energy, or just something beautiful to wear, each order she creates fills her heart with happiness as she passes it on to its new owner.

You can find Jessi on Facebook @thedruzydaisy

Meet Jackie

To Jackie, hand embroidered dish towels mean uniqueness and beauty. Her grandma taught her at a young age to do embroidery work, and she is now teaching her 5 year old granddaughter. She started to embroider because she loved watching her grandma sit at the kitchen table in the evening working on dish towels, pillow cases, pot holders, and dresser scarves. Her grandma embroidered until she was 100 years old. It comforts Jackie to take her mind off of every day happenings. It especially feels good after she finishes a dish towel that has been washed and pressed and ready for sale. Oftentimes she feels her grandma is watching her: if a knot forms, she will say “Grandma, will you help me?” and the knot easily comes undone. She embroidered quilt blocks for her mother and felt her grandma was with her every stitch of the way.

Meet Dorene

Creator of Princess and Main

Dorene’s art is about sharing her love of crafting. She enjoys the creative process and learning new techniques. Inspiration can come from anywhere: nature, art or everyday living. She started exploring different art mediums in high school, taking as many classes as she could. Art is many things: fun, exciting, frustrating and ultimately satisfying. Many of the things she makes have a practical use that makes life easier, more fun, or personalized. She uses fabrics and materials that people connect and identify with to make unique items not found elsewhere.

You can find Dorene Gaida on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok @princessandmain and at her Etsy store

Meet Karen

Creator of I Felt It

Karen started needle felting in 2016, and immediately fell in love working with the tactile medium. She is mostly self taught, but enjoys taking classes when she can to continue to explore and learn more about the various ways to manipulate wool. In addition to taking classes, Karen also enjoys teaching needle felting classes. Whether someone is taking a class to learn something new just for the sake of learning, or because they want to start on their own needle felting journey, Karen enjoys the interaction with her students, and strives to provide everyone with a fun and satisfying experience. Transforming fibers into 2D and 3d objects is an amazing tactile experience. Karen says that the constant rhythmic motion of using a needle to sculpt wool is both a meditative experience and a very focused mindful process. Karen’s felted creations are representative of the way she sees the world: quirky and nonsensical.

You can find Karen Storkamp on Facebook @ifeltit and Instagram @karensfelting

Meet Jeannette

Creator of Bashful Bison

Jeannette started deeply channeling her creative side after a significant pivot in her life. She’s used this creativity to bring her more fulfillment and joy, while also hoping that it will do the same for others. Her items are always thoughtfully handmade with an aim for visual interest and function.

Working with new materials and trying new things intrigues Jeannette. She isn’t afraid to learn the techniques of a new medium and likes to incorporate somewhat unconventional materials within her projects. Being free to combine mediums and materials and to do what inspires her gives her more room for expression.

You can find Jeannette Gaidawirth on Instagram @bashfulbison

Meet Sue

Creator of Creations

Art is everything to Sue. She tries to do something artistic everyday and always likes to try new ideas. Ever since she was little, she was interested in art. Her dad was very creative and inspired her. Time just slips away when she creates, and she feels like she’s in her own world. Her art is a stress reliever and outlet for her to be creative.

You can find Sue Berry on Facebook @suerose.artcreations & on Instagram

Meet Javier

Creator of The Office Woodcrafts

Javier likes to create anything from wood: toys, cars, signs, birdhouses, candle holders, lanterns, etc! Lately he’s been enjoying engraving and designing different kinds of images.

With his laser machine he can design anything! Javier is inspired by making people happy with his different creations.

Meet Bill

Creator of Rubber Ducky Soap Co.

Bill started making soap after retirement, looking for fun ways to fill his days. Years later, he still thinks he makes the best soap ever, and his hobby has turned into an outlet for his creative expression. Soap making is a process that normally provides a common, every-day product. By adding his own mix of imaginative coloring, enticing fragrances, and skin-loving ingredients, along with creative and fun packaging, his soap making has evolved into a means of releasing his inner artist.

You can find Bill Storkamp on Facebook @rubberduckysoapco

Meet Jessica

Creator of Lumps of Clay Studios

Jessica’s ceramics aim to bridge the imagination gap in daily life, offering whimsical creations that evoke emotions, playfulness, and joy. She ensures accessibility and affordability in her artwork as a deliberate choice, allowing her to share the joy and whimsy with anyone who appreciates the emotional resonance in her creations.

You can find Jessica on Facebook & Tiktok @lumpsofclaystudios, Instagram @lumps_of_clay_studios and on her website

Meet Jennifer

Owner of The Layzee Farmer LLC

Jennifer’s products mean sustainability to her.

Throughout history, wool can be used for clothing, bedding, and art, by weaving, knitting, crocheting, and wet and needle felting.

You can find Jennifer on her website

Meet Leo

Leo loves running his CNC machines. He enjoys building and creating unique items for himself and to share with the world.